• SALES INTELLIGENCE: Our BI solutions collects data on specific KPIs like demographics, conversion rates, sales metrics and then organizes this data into structured visualizations that help business users identify trends. 

  • FINANCE INTELLIGENCE: Our BI solutions analyze operational process, help organizations reduce ongoing costs and maximize existing resources and expertise. 


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  • DATA WAREHOUSE: Business Intelligence solutions are typically based on a Data Warehouse (DWH), a central repository that brings together all sources for data analysis. In addition, focused analysis platforms or cubes are created from existing data to represent business sub-section. 

  • DATA MODEL: A Data Model is developed for creating a DWH. Then it is followed by Data Integration to bring in data source systems for data analysis. 

  • ETL: The Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process is used to perform Data Integration in a reliable, extensible and scalable manner. Finally, reports and dashboards are connected to the DWH so that business users and line managers can
    explore and find valuable insights and trends.



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  • PLATFORM: We use Microsoft Azure for platform development. They provide best value and performance.

  • TOOLS: We use Microsoft tools to build Business Intelligence and Data Integration Solutions.